Moreton Bay Rock Oysters

The Moreton Bay Rock Oyster is different to the SYDNEY ROCK OYSTER, although it is the same species, because oysters get their unique flavours from the environment in which they grow. Our Oysters have a salty flavour and a sweet after taste due to the A-GRADE WATER of Moreton Bay off the coast of Brisbane. All Moreton Bay Rock Oyster leases are within the Moreton Island growing areas, 20km from the mainland. We are not rainfall affected and regular water testing is done and overseen by Safefoods Queensland to ensure a healthy oyster for the consumer. Read more…

Try this Delicious Recipe

Oysters topped with smoked salmon or smoked trout, brie cheese and chives or shallots. Give them a quick grill to melt the cheese. Subscribe for more Moreton Bay Rock Oyster news.

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